Artwork Title: Witte poes in een open raam (White Cat in an Open Window)

Witte poes in een open raam (White Cat in an Open Window), 1895

Jacobus Van Looy

This painting by Van Looy of his own cat is remarkably light, lending it a summery feel. The sunlight is reflected off the cat’s chest. Van Looy usually painted in quite dark colors, but here he uses light tones and wide, smooth brushstrokes. Van Looy never completed this piece. For this reason, the layout has remained sketchy and the painting lacks a coat of varnish. This impressionistic technique was common among many contemporaries, such as Isaac Israels and George Hendrik Breitner. Van Looy, however, preferred paintings which were somewhat more complete. The reason why he never completed this painting is unknown. []
50 x 30 in
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