Artwork Title: undefined - Artist Name: Johan DeckmannArtwork Title: undefined - Artist Name: Johan Deckmann


Johan Deckmann

Danish artist and psychotherapist Johan Deckmann says that therapy can happen anytime, anyplace. It’s simply “an interaction between a person and something else that makes sense.” Deckmann uses books as his canvases, breathing new life into long-forgotten tomes by painting invented titles on their covers, often accompanied by illustrative silhouette figures. Candid, witty and strikingly accessible, Deckmann’s creations center on everyday dilemmas. Silent Treatment, for example, combines inventive wordplay with pared down cover illustration to delightful effect. A believer in the cathartic power of words, Deckmann traces his interest in writing on found objects to his work as a psychotherapist, and his experience as a composer and lyricist. As the artist explains, “my works simply reflect my perception of life with all its beauty, humour, fear, meaning and lack of meaning, hopes, imagination, truth and honesty.” []


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