Artwork Title: Angels Trumpet and the Milky Moon Violin - Artist Name: May Von Krogh

Angels Trumpet and the Milky Moon Violin

May Von Krogh

57 x 16 x 14 inch
Installation of ceramic sculptures, painted walls and sand. From "Children in Peril: The Anxious Sculptures of May von Krogh." From the artist: "At first, I only actually thought of the sentence: ‘Mary had a little lamb’, and of this image of a girl and a lamb. I also thought about the name Mary, and how it was kind of loaded with religious/spiritual meaning, as Virgin Mary is a classic symbol of innocence and purity. The clear conscience and the universal love between Mary and the lamb in the nursery rhyme makes it kind of trivial and light, and by turning the characters into this grotesque setting, they become more like martyr symbols, where their universal love will keep on existing beyond borders of time. The combination of something beautiful and fragile and the grotesque has always fascinated me, and I believe it awakens feelings and thoughts that wouldn’t appear without this duality. Usually we don’t want to see what is pure and innocent in combination with the grotesque."
female artistgirlceramic sculptureceramic

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