Artwork Title: War - Artist Name: Paula Rego


Paula Rego, 2001

War 2003 is a large pastel work on paper, mounted on aluminum, by the Portuguese-born British artist Paula Rego. The image is dominated by two rabbit-headed figures in the centre, the larger one of which wears a blue dress and carries the smaller, who wears a frilly pink dress, has bloody marks around its eyes and mouth, and whose legs and arms resemble those of a soft toy. Behind these two figures on the left-hand side of the composition is an ant-like figure grappling with a brown hound, and a pelican embracing a woman. In the foreground stands a row of four figures: a stork with outstretched wings who has a talon inside the pink dress of another rabbit-headed figure, and a creature in a red dress with ribbons tied to its head glaring at a diminutive woman in soldier’s dress. A lifeless child or toy lying on the ground by the central pair, and a sitting cat in the top right-hand corner, add to the ominous ambiguity of the scene....
pastel on paper on aluminum

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