Artwork Title: Row of Eleven Poplars in Red, Yellow, Blue et Green

Row of Eleven Poplars in Red, Yellow, Blue et Green, 1908

Piet Mondrian

Dutch title: Rij van elf populieren in rood, geel, blauw en groen. This glowing evening landscape with its expressionistic, festive colors is a key piece in the Mondriaan oeuvre. It marks the transition from his rather traditional early work to his later abstract paintings. Previously, he experimented with landscapes with particular views and visualizations, but here he definitely leaves the realistic view of space. Striking is that there is hardly any depth in this painting. The emphasis is on the silhouette of the trees and the horizontal and vertical lines of the composition. The luminous orange tree trunks and their reflections in the Gein form an almost abstract line-up. They seem to illustrate Mondrian's search for "the higher way, leave the mundane behind". This painting clearly shows the influence of luminism: the coarse dot technique combined with intense colors that made up the Dutch avant-garde under the direction of Jan Sluijters and Jan Toorop. Mondriaan changed his way of painting quite abruptly, as this painting shows: he initially set the landscape in greens and tanning. After visiting Toorop in Zeeland, he painted everything in shining colors. On his way to abstraction, Mondriaan would deepen into cubism later. Text from the Favorites Book 2005 by Dr. Gerdien Verschoor. (Google translation of text at
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