Artwork Title: Frances, Lady Reynell, of West Ogwell, Devon

Frances, Lady Reynell, of West Ogwell, Devon, 1597

Robert Peake

Here's a brief bio, "Frances Aylworth was the daughter of John Aylworth or Ayleworth of London and Polstow, Devon and Elizabeth Ashton. On March 3, 1584 she married Sir Thomas Reynell of West Ogwell, Devon (before 1555-April 8, 1618). Their children were Jane, Frances, Agnes, Lucy, Mary, Cecilia, Sir Richard (c.1584-February 10, 1647/8), Sir Thomas (1589-1665), and Walter (March 10, 1591-1627)." The Aylworth name does not appear in thepeerage and I cannot locate a listing for her in thepeerage. Lady Frances Reynell carries off wearing a wheel farthingale and puffed sleeves in this 1597 portrait by Robert Peake. The dress looks like some inflatable parade float from Goodyear. Much like Segar's unknown lady from 1595, the bodice appears to be resting on a base spreading an inch or two onto the sloped wheel. Her sleeves are so big that a brooch is set on her right sleeve. A pretty jewel filigree forms a halo framing her head and her hanging sleeves are bordered with contrasting floral-design insets, possibly jeweled. The design and colors of her skirt and wheel material is striking. ( Farthingales began as graceful supports that flattered the wearer with an A-line skirt. Then, especially in England, farthingales became grotesque with the skirt hanging from a circular wheel to form an awkwardly wide cylinder with the bodice and headdress protruding above it. France was more elegant by hiding the wheel. (
45 x 35 in
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