Artwork Title: Self Portrait with Enucleated Eye / Self Portrait with Plucked-Out Eye

Self Portrait with Enucleated Eye / Self Portrait with Plucked-Out Eye, 1931

Victor Brauner

In 1931, Vicor Brauner painted Self Portrait with Plucked Eye. By 1934, Brauner had been made welcome in the sureralist group. In 1938, Brauner was caught in the middle of a brawl and lost his eye-- the same one he had painted himself without years before. The marvellous though tragic nature of the 1931 painting, which had suddenly become a premonitory piece, was not lost on the surrealist group or on Brauner himself. As shown earlier, the paradox bing blind-having vision was an important theme in Surrealism. Brauner had been painting eyes and including vision-related symbolism in his art for over a decade, which only became mroe significant after the 1938 event. ( with plucked out eye brauner&f=false) Irène Hamoir re-tells the story of a violent argument, which took place in 1938, between Dominguez, Louis Scutenaire and Francés. Victor Brauner attempted to protect Esteban and was hit by a glass thrown by Domínguez. He was permanently deprived of his left eye ás a result. Also present were Paul Éluard , Georges Hugnet , Wolfgang Paalen , Benjamin Péret and Tanguy. (és)
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