Artwork Title: B10 - Artist Name: Wacław SzpakowskiArtwork Title: B10 - Artist Name: Wacław Szpakowski

B10 , 1927

Wacław Szpakowski

Waclaw Szpakowski deserves a permanent place in the history of contemporary art. The drawings by this pioneer of abstract art, made of a single, unbroken line create the beautiful, rhythmical and quasi-labyrinth forms with a visual and temporal character. [] ...[he] liked to think of his "rhythmic lines" as music. It is true that if one follows one of his infinite lines from beginning to end, as he wanted the viewer to do, one does experience up-down-forward-backward rhythms that resemble melodies. The geometrical structures created in this way during a period of over 50 years, from 199o to 1954, were treated at the same time as sound recordings, almost as scores of musical pieces, discovered in nature. Cycles of sketches, invariably drawn with a single line, never crossing, referring to both visual, sound and psychological sphere... [Looking at Numbers Door Tom Johnson,Franck Jedrzejewski; found on Google Books]


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