Artwork Title: Street Scene, New Orleans - Artist Name: Walker EvansArtwork Title: Street Scene, New Orleans - Artist Name: Walker Evans

Street Scene, New Orleans, 1936

Walker Evans

Walker Evans is one of the most renowned, looming figures in photography history, whose images are instantly recognized and immortalized. While almost all have gazed at the furrowed brows of the Alabama Cotton Tenant Farmer Wife, there are many works by Evans that have gathered far less acclaim. It is through the viewing of a vast collection of work—including not just thoughtful and powerful images, but also experimental outtakes—that one can truly begin to understand an artist as a whole entity. ...Evans’ images are not only pivotal for their careful documentation of America’s history, but also for their sensitive handling of the human spirit. Evans was undoubtedly skilled at exposing the emotions of his subjects, and his collective work confirms that. “One of [Evans’] most significant contributions is his pioneering lyric documentary style, which fuses a powerful personal perspective with the objective record of time and place,” says Abbott. Most importantly, much of Evans’ work speaks to bravery amidst great tribulations. “Certainly one gains from the work a sense of the enduring dignity of the human spirit,” says Abbott. []


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