Artwork Title: Shamanize 2015 - Artist Name: Emma Watkinson

Shamanize 2015

Emma Watkinson

This painting represents the completion of a cycle for me. First started many years ago, I painted on it a little at Chichen Itza on 21st 2012 , & the 2 models I used for the figure had authentic Mayan ancestry & then completed these last months culminating in a summer solstice ritual. It shows an Eagle Shaman emerging from the mouth of Quetzalcoatl serpent being . He is spinning from the centre of the Aztec Sunstone which is interlocking with a Sky mandala of light around the Hunab ku. Rekindled with the recent eclipse energys, its come to symbolize to me the Shamanic shifting of core patterns from within to align with the incoming light-ray of spirit. We evolve through cycles of time & the wheel of the year in all traditions. (
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