Artwork Title: Way of Life : DJ Tristan album cover - Artist Name: Emma Watkinson

Way of Life : DJ Tristan album cover

Emma Watkinson

The Artist Edition. Commission for DJ Tristans album cover ” Way of Life.” The circle in the square represents spirit into matter, as encapsulated in the Ventruvian man. The whole painting is a giant Eye of consciousness, the flames of the comet also describe the iris of an eye, circled by the Dzog chen rainbow, representing the I am presence. Eye am that I Am. The landscape is a whirling Torus energy field, the shape of future renewable energy technology as shown in the movie ”Thrive,” invoking positive abundance for all. Its interesting that most Trance dance floor shade structures are built in a torus shape, raising a Spiral dance of euphoric energy with the ecstatic crowd. The Ventruvian man blasts into the painting in a flaming comet, auspicious Jupiter, unstoppable vehicle of Ganesha. He is inside a peaceful meditating head of Sophia, feminine wisdom of the universe, with a shivas moon, so is creator & destroyer in one. When we align with this universal power we have the power to create our lives. She has Aries rams horns which were completed on the fiery Aries lunar eclipse, and ayahuasca vines & musical sound waves emanate from her ears. The punchline of this painting, that I only realised at the end, is that the apple, which is sacred to so many mythologies, ( Apples of Avalon) is a Torus shape, & contains within its core the 5 seeds of the pentagram star, (relating to Venus ). This relates to the Pentagram as drawn on the human body & Ventruvian man, invoking the rulership of Spirit over the 4 elements. Thus this painting is an invocation for the embodiment of spirit into matter, & a prayer for the evolution and positive energy flow of Humanity. Physically, emotionally, spiritually…on the dance floor, & in our lives. (
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