Artwork Title: Broken Building (Dallas, Texas) - Artist Name: Nikola Olic

Broken Building (Dallas, Texas)

Nikola Olic

People seeing this building are purposefully tricked - it is supposed to look differently from all 4 sides. Corner views provide little help as they provide more confusing and disorienting views. That was the basic premise of architect I.M. Pei when he designed the building in 1986: to use angles, triangles, planes and prisms to create a seemingly impossible visual space. Eastern view from Griffin Street flattens out one of those planes in a way that makes the structure seem broken and folded down the middle. [] ...Using only a single camera and minimal Photoshopping, Olic creates abstract images... “Instead of just taking a photograph, I move around a building and slightly change and adjust the composition. The object is manipulated by walking, zooming, checking sun angles, climbing garages…” []
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