Artwork Title: Ripped Building (New Orleans, Louisiana) - Artist Name: Nikola Olic

Ripped Building (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Nikola Olic

In a city known for French culture and architecture, it is a refreshing change of visual pace to observe and study the many New Orleans high rise buildings away from Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. The angled top floors of the dark red Pan American Life Center provide an interesting westbound collage with the white building further down Poydras Street. Nothing combines these two business structures other than a photographic idea of a structure ripped into two distinct parts, a white layer beyond a red shell. [] ...Using only a single camera and minimal Photoshopping, Olic creates abstract images that present the metropolis in a new light: “Instead of just taking a photograph, I move around a building and slightly change and adjust the composition. The object is manipulated by walking, zooming…” []
buildingcolor photographnew orleansskylousianaphotography

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