Artwork Title: The Blue Green Mile ( Dallas, Texas) - Artist Name: Nikola Olic

The Blue Green Mile ( Dallas, Texas)

Nikola Olic

Warmed by the unobstructed afternoon sun, individual parts of the large Art Deco collection at the Fair Park Complex in South Dallas come to more attention. This storage facility behind the football stadium serves little public purpose during the yearly Texas State Fair which attracts millions of visitors, leaving the building in beautiful obscurity interrupted occasionally by a football match. Art Deco is the rule of the land in this park, concentrated here in large numbers for the Texas Centennial Exposition back in 1936. [] ...Using only a single camera and minimal Photoshopping, Olic creates abstract images that present the metropolis in a new light: “Instead of just taking a photograph, I move around a building and slightly change and adjust the composition. The object is manipulated by walking…” []
color photograph

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