Artwork Title: Akhenhaten - Artist Name: Emma Watkinson


Emma Watkinson

This vision came to me in an Ayahuasca journey in 2009. In a spirit quest I was contacted by guides, light beings from Pleiades & Sirius. They showed me in the water, reflections of the flower of life. Emerging from this is the geometry of Metatrons cube, within which are all the platonic solids, which relate to the elements & energy bodys. Fire; the star tetrahedron: the Sun rays & flames of demons transmuting to Phoenixes. Water, the icosohedron, emotion, the grail. Earth, the cube, Ophiucian snake staffs that turn into psychedelic ayahuasca vines. Air in the buddhist style clouds. The Alchemy of all these elements gives us harmony, & the gift of the elixir of life…the Holy Grail. In the centre is the Pharaoh Akhenaten, the 17th dynasty Pharaoh who united Egypt in the worship of the sun as a living conscious being. I met his sculpture 20 years ago in.... ( The artist explains her painting here:
solpurpose.comfemale artistayauasca

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